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Long life diamond orifices!

What’s in a name? A lot in this case, they are called Long Life Orifices for a good reason. These orifices have inserts made of diamond, the hardest and most wear resistant material available. The longer lifetime of a diamond orifice not only results in a reduction of the number of orifices used. It also means the orifice keeps its accuracy and precision for a longer period. This allows for a better performance and a significantly reduced system down-time for orifice replacement and system calibration. All together the use of Long Life Orifices will make the entire process more cost-effective.

Dutch Diamond Group offers a wide assortment of diamond orifices for just about any job. All orifices are built to OEM specifications and in partnership with system manufacturers. For greater productivity and lower overall costs, performance can be tailored to the exact job requirements.

We offer 4 types of diamond orifices

Abrasive waterjet cutting

For this application we have developed the Black Diamond Orifice.
This superior quality of diamond allows you to reach a tool lifetime up-to 2500 hours.

Water only cutting

For this application we have developed 3 types of diamond orifices each with their own benefits.

Mono Crystalline Orifice

  • Orifice suitable for food grade applications, 
  • Premium jet quality, tool lifetime up to 1200 hours.

Mono Crystalline Micro Orifice

  • Orifice Suitable for a variety of applications at a max pressure of 1500 Bar,
  • Boreholes available from 0,04 to 0,08 mm,
  • Please contact us for more detailed information regarding your demands.

Note: Black Diamond Orifice for water only

  • Excellent jet quality, outstanding tool lifetime up to 2500 hours

All of the above data with respect to our guidelines.
For making the right choice, we refer to our chart.

Orifice user guide

In order to service the orifice correctly and protect your investment,
we made a guide on how to change the orifice.

DD Orifices | Harry Heijnemans

Harry Heijnemans
Production engineer

DD Orifices | Harry Heijnemans

Harry Heijnemans
Production engineer